Poland with the medal!

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The final day of Junior European Modern Pentathlon Championships Zielona Góra-Drzonków 2016 is behind us. Today 12 mixed relay teams appeared on the starting line. Before the combined event Bulgaria was ahead (Vasilena Timofeeva and Yavor Pashleevski). It’s athletes had been firm at swimming, fencing and riding (they finished each event second). Italians (Aurora Tognetti […]


Day #6 – Final men

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Today we ended the next stage in the competition. On the sixth day of the Junior European Championships we could see 36 best competitors of Europe. The first place was taken by a representative of Italy, Alessandro Colasanti, earning 1491 points. On the second and third places we could see both Russians, Viacheslav Bardyshev and […]


Another medals have been presented!

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Another medals have been presented! Today in women’s final of Junior European Modern Pentathlon Championships gold and bronze medals were given to Italian hands and the silver to Turkey. The podium was dominated by Tognetti sisters. Francesca defended her lead in the combined event that she had worked for during previous events. Aurora was sixth […]


Men qualifications

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And we know the finalists. Today 49 athletes split into two groups competed for the spots in the final of Junior European Modern Pentathlon Championships 2016 which will be held on Saturday. 13 of them had to say goodbye to the championships and 36 will fight for the podium. After three events up front in […]


They fought for final

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They fought for final. Today, 43 athletes competed for places in the final of the European Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships, Drzonków 2016. Some of them said goodbye to the competition, because there are only 36 places available for competing for medals and the podium. The performance of Lithuanian Aurelia Tamasauskaite is noteworthy who began the […]


Day #2 – Results – Relay men

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The second day of European Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships is over. Today man team relay teams competed for places on the podium. The best swimmers were the athletes from Belarus (Artsiom Yeustshineyeu and Yaraslau Radziuk – 1:53:06). Fencing was dominated by the Czech Republic (Marek Grycz and Martin Vlach – 25V- 15D) while horse riding […]

Day #2 – Results before combined event

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We’re after a horse ride event and the general classification looks as follows: Belarus in the first place with 881 points, Czech Republic in second with 864 points and in the third place we have France with 862 points. We are looking forward to see the first competitors on the combined event track, but in the meanwhile […]


Day #1 – Relay women’s

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What a day it was! The first events of European Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships, Zielona Góra – Drzonków 2016 are completed. After efforts of women relay teams gold medals were placed on Hungarian necks (Alexandra Boros and Sarolta Simon, 1342 pts.). Silver medals were won by Belarus (1340) and bronze by Russia (1334). Before the last event the Polish […]